How do I view FreeSports?

FreeSports is available on Freeview HD channel 95, Sky channel 424, FreeSat 252, TalkTalk 95 and BT Vision channel 95.

Why is your channel not available on Virgin Media?

Virgin Media are currently deciding if and when to carry the channel. FreeSports have noticed a petition started by a Virgin Media customer and it would be appreciated if you could sign this as every little helps.


You can also contact Virgin Media via their social media platforms or by email/phone to register your interest in having access to FreeSports.

I have Freeview but can’t view FreeSports?

You will need a DVB-T2 compatible device (i.e. Freeview HD via TV or set top box, Freeview Play, YouView or EE TV box).

I have a Freeview a DVB-T2 compatible device but still can’t access FreeSports?

FreeSports is delivered in the UK via transmitters that cover approximately 75% of the country. This means that some areas which are often less populated will not be able to receive the channel despite you having a DVB-T2 compatible device. If you receive BBC Four HD on channel 106, or 4Seven HD on channel 110 you should be able to view FreeSports on channel 95. You can check if you should be getting the coverage here by entering your address: https://www.freeview.co.uk/channels-at-your-address or call the Freeview advice line on 03456 505050. The Freeview coverage checker gives a good indication of whether you’ll be able to receive FreeSports. Most Freeview boxes will have been retuned automatically to receive FreeSports during a scheduled auto update but you can carry out a retune and see if the channel appears. When you buy a Freeview HD TV or other equipment, we recommend that you make sure that you can get a refund from your retailer if these local factors or lack of transmitter signal for channels you want to view prevents you from receiving Freeview and or FreeSports.

What equipment do I need?

Check if your TV is labelled ‘Freeview HD’. If not then you can purchase a set to box. Models are available to view here: https://www.freeview.co.uk/get-freeview#freeview-box-with-tv. High street electrical stores and Amazon also stock a wide selection of boxes offering different features at varying cost. Basic boxes can cost as little as £30.

I seem to have lost FreeSports channel 95 on Freeview

As you may be aware, from February this year, some technical changes to TV airwaves commenced. These changes will go on until 2020, and are referred to as the 700MHz Clearance Programme.

These changes occur on a region-by-region basis, and when they happen, your viewers may have to retune their TV to continue receiving FreeSports. 

An information pack for Freeview explaining the changes is available on the Digital UK website at https://www.freeview.co.uk/tvchanges

If you’re still missing services after completing a full retune, please visit: www.freeview.co.uk/tvchanges or contact the Freeview Advice Line on freephone 0808 100 0288.

How do I stop some SKY+ recordings cutting out before the end of games?

Only Sky are able to control record lengths of programs when the sport is live. We are working with SKY to find a fix but currently we ask you do one of the following to avoid missing the end of live games you record. Record the program that follows to make sure you don’t miss the end.